Useful sources of information related to support and counselling


The Counsellor's Guide

Advice and information on counselling

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British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

The main body for regulation of counselling in the UK

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Victim Support Scotland

Emotional and practical support for people who have been affected by crime

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health in mind

Health in Mind

Promoting the health and well-being of people who experience mental health difficulties

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Relationships Scotland

Counselling, mediation and family support across Scotland

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Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

Free and confidential emotional and practical support, information and advocacy to women, all members of the trans community, non-binary people and young people aged 12-18 in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian, who have experienced sexual violence.

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Changes Community Health Project

Providing a range of free services ranging from self-help to counselling to residents of East Lothian.

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Testimonials from clients

The counselling I received was hugely helpful and still is. Helped me sort out a muddled part of my life.

HD, East Lothian

I was thoroughly impressed with Open Door Counselling during my 6 months attending weekly sessions. Pat is to be commended for the professional and supportive approach he adopts. From the outset, his trustworthy nature and compassionate understanding helped me to overcome initial embarrassment when talking about many troubling private issues. Pat was not at all judgemental during our sessions, and I felt comfortable talking honestly to him about past events that were shameful to me. He listened attentively throughout and considered what I had said before responding to assist me to understand the root cause of the problems.

OD, Edinburgh

I am happy and confident that I have finally addressed the issues that have troubled me for many years.  Although I still have progress to make, I go forward in a far better position than I was when I first called Pat.  I highly recommend Open Door based on my experiences.

AB, Edinburgh

I found Pat very easy to contact initially and he continued to be flexible throughout my counselling. He explained his role very clearly and gave me the support I needed to understand the process of counselling and how it could benefit me. Throughout our time I was able to discuss and understand everything I had on my mind and I have been able to learn skills to help me manage situations in the future. Thank you very much Pat.

PR, East Lothian

I would have no hesitation in returning to see Pat again, in the future, if I felt my life situation required it. Additionally I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, Pat Smyth to anyone thinking of, or looking for counselling. Having seen 2 previous counsellors and decided it was 'not for me' as I did not gain value from it, I went to Pat, really out of desperation and I will always be glad I did. I found his help and support invaluable at that time and subsequently I was able to deal with and understand what was a very difficult and unhappy time in my life.

AM, Edinburgh